I was a little leary of being left alone with Payton Elizabuff for a couple of hours Saturday morning while Honey sang for a wedding, but I figured the risk was worthy.  So the little squirt came about 8:40 this morning.  Honey left for the wedding at 9:00, so it was Payton and Papa for two hours.

Payton Elizabuff, Papa's little girl!

She was so good that I didn’t miss a lick in what I wanted to do for the morning.  She helped me unload the washing machine and hang the clothes on the line, for which I rewarded her with a round of “finging” (swinging) on the clothesline swing.

After swinging, I got out the pressure washer and did some back yard fence cleaning while she played amicably with her Dora the Explorerer car on the patio with Marley the Dog as her chief playmate.

After the fence cleaning, we hung out on the front porch with some cheese cracker snacks (witnessing Marley’s momentary escape b/c Papa forgot to latch the back yard gate after the pressure washing).  Then when we got too hot and sweaty, we entered the house and Papa played some merry Cajun tunes on his accordeon while Payton danced energetically, so much at one point that she lost her balance and crashed her cheekbone into the coffee table–a momentary inconvenience from which she bounced back in moments.

The fact that she’s potty trained just this week past certainly helped–Papa promised months before Payton’s arrival that he was retired from changing diapers–and the big girl’s performance on the potty this morning was a big plus in Papa’s “enablement” to keep the little squirt flirt.

In the end, what a happy Saturday!