The certain season of uncertainty is underway

I blogged on this topic a few years ago when were we waiting for an imminently more serious storm, Gustav. Four or five days out, my house was smack in the middle of the 5 day cone. The Hurricane Center warns not to pay attention to the center of the cone, but that’s really not easy to do when the mid-line of the track goes over your rooftop. We kinda lucked out with Gustav, a blown to bits patio cover notwithstanding, since the worst of that bad boy passed just to our east.

Tropical Depression 3, perhaps soon to become Tropical Storm Bonnie, is no Gustav, but here I am again living in the middle of the cone. The forecast now is not for a strong storm and, indeed, the latest speculation is that the track might be shifted a little more to the right. Good news for me, bad news for the oil spill. Nonetheless, life’s a little on the edge anytime your address falls in the “conal zone.” Especially this week, since I’m in Austin, TX, working at a conference, not scheduled to return home until Monday.

So with due certainty, I shall continue to monitor the cone of uncertainty. Tis the season to b e certain of uncertainty along the merry Gulf of Mexico, and such is our lot.