Payton Elizabuff agreeably prepares to bed down for sweet dreams at Honey's and Papa's

Payton arrived on schedule this evening as her folks dropped her off on their way to Florida for a child-less escape.  Parting with the little squirt was a lot tougher on the parents than it was on the kid.

Excited to be at Honey’s and Papa’s house and to sleep in Aunt Ann’s bed with the purple comforter, the grandchild’s first night away from home seemed like an exciting adventure.  She was happy as a lark and went down for sleep without the slightest whimper of protest.

Why are kids so well-behaved for grandparents?  We were warned of pre-bedtime crankiness, but nothing materialized.  The child was a perfect and adorable angel for Honey and Papa.  Kids’ limitlessly cheerful deportment with grandparents is a mystery of the universe!

We’ve laid plans for the three days ahead: a visit to church tomorrow to show her off to our friends, lunch at the Chinese buffet, cooling off from the dog days heat in the whale pool, and then a trip to Baton Rouge Monday to take Aunt Ann out to lunch.

Why weren’t our own kids so easy to manage?

Another of those mysteries of the universe.