Who ever thought of his grandmother as a “hottie?”

Surely, not me.  My grandmother was precious as long as I knew her, and she lived to over 100–But hottie?  Nope.  Just Grandma.

But when I saw this picture of my Sarah Ann (left) and her “BFF” since fourth grade (best friend forever) Linda Chacere Guilbeaux posing in the hallway of the nursing home after showing off their respective granddaughters to Sarah’s mom (the great grandmother), I considered the likelihood that grannyhood is due a new measure of respect.

I remarked to myself, “Hey, Sarah and Linda still got it goin’ on, dontcha think?  I mean, these girls are prime time!”

I don’t know how either will react to this well-intentioned observation–perhaps they’ll dismiss my doddering middle-agedness as just that–doddering middle-agedness. (How did the old grandma on The Waltons TV show put it to the old man in his saucy moments?  “You old fool!”)

But what’s wrong with doddering middle-agedness?  Or being an “old fool,” for that matter?  Considering the alternative, I say, “Let’s go for it!”  Meanwhile, . . .

Granny, your grandbabies are dolls.  And as for ya’ll, you still got it goin’ on!