The patio set-up: TV, boiling pot, fan, etc.

Doing anything out doors in South Louisiana this time of year is adventurous, because if the heat and humidity don’t get you, then the afternoon thunderstorms will. But today was Saturday and I was determined.

So I went for it this Saturday,  taking a few shortcuts that I figured would work in our favor.  For example, rather than barbeque, a process which takes a considerable chunk of the afternoon and requires making a risky fire in the face of possible rain, I suggested to Sarah that we get out the butane bottle/burner and boil some shrimp and vegetables.  Boiling a meal on the burner under the rain-proof patio cover would take no more than 30 minutes, whereas barbecue might take 2-3 hours.

And so we boiled–Corn on the cob, red potatoes, Vidalia onions, and the entree, Gulf shrimp.

Yep, Gulf shrimp.  For all my friends far and wide, in spite of negative perception about the availability and quality of our seafood product, I hereby serve notice that it’s excellent!

I moved the portable TV on the patio and enjoyed Saturday baseball–Yankees vs. Red Sox–in high definition as I tended the bouillasse.  The weather was sticky, but a breeze sprang up to help the patio fan.  The conditions were tolerable.

And so ended a great Saturday made by God just for me: And it was soooooooooooo good!

La bouillasse: C'etait beaucoup bon!