Breakfast coffee on the patio is a holy act on Saturdays.

OK, I’m not Jewish, and I’m not a legalistic Christian.  I’m just a hard-working guy who lays it on the line Monday through Friday, especially during weeks like the one just past where each day was crammed with appointments and crises and travel itineraries and voice mail and email messages demanding reply.  The regular 8-4:30 workdays often ran over into evenings, so by week’s end, I was  pretty run-down, emotionally as well as physically.

So when  Saturday arrived, I remembered what God said about  the 7th day during creation, and it makes a lot of sense.  Gosh, if even God felt the need to rest at the end of a week of breathing the world into existence, how much more does woeful me need a day off after a week in the educational bureaucracy mill?

So, I did my best to keep this Sabbath holy.  What constitutes such holiness?

  • I slept late
  • I hung out on the patio with coffee without worrying about what I should be doing
  • I jogged before lunch
  • I did some light yard work

    Barb-b-que over a hard wood fire: A fragrance pleasing unto heaven!

  • I took the dogs for an outing on campus where Sadie got to chase a squirrel
  • I barbecued on the patio watching Saturday MLB in high def
  • I enjoyed supper with my family, including granddaughter
  • I went for a 4 mile bike ride to work off the excellent supper.

“Holy,” as in “set aside.”  This was a day set aside for re-creation and renewal.  I remembered how badly I need these pit stops along life’s busy way.  Yes, today was truly a holy Sabbath.