What an ugly picture! This is the beast we faced.

The only year in my 58 year old life I journaled was 2005.  Katrina’s year (and a lot more).  Here’s my entry from five years ago this very day, August 27:

August 27, 2005

The storm still figures to hit N.O.—very sad.  I talked to Mama earlier today.  She’s still saddled with Grandma, and they’re planning to head to Bogalusa tomorrow morning to ride out the storm.   Hurricane Center director Max Mayfield called Mayor Nagin this afternoon to warn that this may be “the big one” for New Orleans.  Sad, sad.  We hope it doesn’ materialize.

I remember how my stomach was in my throat those days as we wondered what was about to happen–a very sickening feeling.

As matters turned out, Mama and Daddy drove over here the next day to dodge the storm rather than head for Bogalusa (which turned out for the best, considering how Bogalusa got clobbered), and Grandma stayed at the nursing home in Kenner where she ended up with her own evacuation adventure that’s a chronicle for another blog.

There turned out to be more to this story.  More in days to come, perhaps.