Here’s what I posted five years ago this date as our family dealt with the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.  This post will make more sense to family than to others, so I beg the indulgence of others.

Wow, what a day! Nathan and Mama did a round trip to Houston for the V. A. to get his medicine. He was successful, although he has to go back daily until Tuesday when he can finally get his prolonged ration. The whole gang will go with him, giving us a breather until Tuesday.

We heard from Janice and Bob-they called in the afternoon as soon as they could get a Cell phone signal  near Baton Rouge.  They came briefly. I think a main objective was to resolve Jimmy’s situation, but also to re-provision and make some phone calls. Tums out we’ll turn Jimmy over to the refugee shelter at church tomorrow so he can go on refugee status, thus qualifying him for public assistance. He mainly hopes he can attend classes, but NOBTS is up in the air. Will know more tomorrow when the admin. Posts the plan on the Internet.

The good news of the day came also as a apart from Janice and Bob on the condition of Mama’s and Daddy’s house. No damage, and they have water. Not nearly so dire as in Bogalusa where the lawless impulse is striving to break out.  No water, no place to use the bathroom, no power _ It’s a dire and desperate condition. Bogalusa’s sort of a black hole in this Katrina aftermath, lost and forgotten in the vast enormity of this catastrophe. They’re worried they won’t be able to stay much longer.

Wow, what a day!  We get a little break tomorrow and for the weekend. That will be good for all.