La bonne poules frite: Fried chicken! Unique at Sunny's.

Sarah and I visited Church Point, Acadia Parish, Louisiana, earlier this week on a lunch hour errand and had a delightful time.

For one, we had fried chicken for lunch at Sunny’s Fried Chicken and Seafood.  Sunny’s fried chicken is distinctive: the crust is thick and super-crunchy and seasoned well, although not as spicy as many would suspect for a Cajun place like Church Point.  I was impressed at how long the meat stayed hot beneath the crusty exterior: I had to be careful not to bite off too much too fast for fear of the searing heat of the meat!

After lunch at Sunny’s, the next Cajun thing to do in Church Point is to visit Rod’s Supermarket, where the meat case is a show case.  You can get milk and bread and ketchup at Rod’s, but the colorful display of “viandes fraiches” sets this place apart from  stereotypical supermarkets.

Fryer parts, anyone? Only in South Louisiana!