The World champ Saints got the season started.

I was happy last Thursday night when the NFL season began with our beloved Saints getting off to a winning start on the 2010 season after unveiling the “World Champions” banner in the pre-game ceremony.  Sarah and I were riveted to the wide screeen, high def TV I bought the previous weekend with football kickoff in mind, and we were ecstatic with the winning results.

Friday night featured some college games, and Saturday was full from ESPN Game Day in the morning through bedtime, the highlight being LSU’s eventual conquest of Vanderbilt.  Sunday, the NFL game day provided entertainment galore, with more to follow on Monday night’s double-header.

I was beginning to feel like football comes on all days of the week at all hours of night and day.  But then today: Not a game in sight.  Only AC 360 and Gone With the Wind on Turner Classics in this Tuesday prime time.  Nice shows, sure, but not football.

How many days till Saturday???