The current 8-day from KATC in Lafayette looks sweet at the end of a miserably hot summer.

Last summer when the highs were daily  flirting with 100 degrees, the window installers from Lowe’s came and did their job.  The day we’ve anticipated since mid-summer finally arrived: Yesterday we turned off the airconditioner, flung open the windows, and slept under snug covers breathing fresh autumn air.

Even better news is that the fall pattern will persist, according to our local weathermen.   Obviously, the temp may flirt with 90 off and on over the next month, but these frontal visitors from the north, born on chilled breezes from the Pacific Northwest and Canada, will descend on a more regular schedule.

In addition to raising the windows at night and enjoying supper on the patio in the evening, we lift our gaze toward the tropics and smile: Cold fronts work best for chasing hurricanes away from our shore.