Praise God!

I”m taking a break from watching CNN’s live coverage of the Chilean mine rescue–The rescue capsule just started on the way up with the first of the miners on his way to deliverance.   The images I’ve seen the past half hour are remarkable, stunning.

As I take a break from waiting for the arrival of the capsule, I can’t help myself from thinking in terms of deliverance and depths and despair: there must be some spiritual parallel to this unimaginable saga. Surely, as one of the miners stated (paraphrased), “There are not 33 of us down here–they’re 34, because God is with us, too.”

By the time I finished this post, the first miner arrived at the surface.  As Florencio hugged and kissed his family, I had to lift my hands in praise to the God of deliverance.

Yes, a theological solution.  I can’t account for all the evil that goes on in this life, but why dwell on the negative?  In this drama, man has occasion to consider on which side the bread of life is buttered.

To God be the glory.