I wrote the following just a year ago.  It’s true again this year!  The yard’s as clawed up now as it was then.  I wonder what seasonal grub worm or root

This picture is from last year. The turf''s condition, resulting from the autumnal canine excavations, is the same again this year.

tantalizes our doggies to dig so much this season of the year?  An enlightened veterinary explanation would be appreciated.

Sarah and I sat on the patio [last year on an] afternoon, lamenting the ugly patch of lawn adjacent to the patio where Marley the Dog has destroyed the yard, scratching and rooting for God-knows-what.  All we [knew] is that our  stretch of healthy, green grass [had] been clawed and plowed and scraped bare right before the onset of winter, assuring a winter’s worth of mud to dirty the doggie pattes (paws) all the more as they track up the patio (and into the house!).

Sarah lamented the condition of the yard: “Look at that!  It looks like we have armadillos in the back yard.”

I corrected her: “No, not armadillos.  But we do have a “Marleydillo.”

Why he digs is beyond us.  He’s almost two [three now], so the propensity doesn’t owe to puppyhood.

And we’re pretty sure there’s no buried treasure.