Governor Bobby Jindal, Populis Joker par excellence

If the title above is a question, here’s the answer:  “Bobby Jindal is just another populist joker.”

Those of us in higher education in Louisiana got the news yesterday that we were expecting for a few weeks: Another $100+ mid-year budget cut, most of which  lands on the backs of higher education and health and hospital services.  The governor’s chicken-hearted announcement came late on a Friday afternoon, timed conveniently,  I’m sure, so that offices would close and everyone would go home for the weekend, allowing the governor to to dodge the media until after the weekend.

I don’t have the exact quote, but among the Governor’s words following the announcement of the cuts was an admonition for “no grumbling or whining–Rather, it’s time for leaders to emerge.”

Ah, leadership: At least he knows the word?

But does he know how?

The answer is painfully obvious by now: “No, Jindal doesn’t have a clue” [how to lead the state].  And I’m pretty darned offended that he’d make a remark  now, insinuating that others’ leadership has failed Louisiana when his own has failed so abjectly.

Several years ago, I thought this guy was a really bright and rising star, a progressive with fresh ideas.  Now that he’s got a track record, I’m disappointed that I see he’s just another populist joker, jetting about the country as if all is well in Louisiana and pretending before others–as he raises a war chest for

Sarah Palin, the leading Populist joker

his own beyond-Louisiana ambitions–that he’s the salvation of our State.

To me, Jindal is on a par with Sarah Palin–a vapid fount of cliches and populist banter.  I am embarrassed he’s our governor.   I hope the rest of the

country sees what’s going on in Louisiana on Bobby Jindal’s watch–They’ll see what a loser this guy is before he gets a chance to toss his sweet-scented  bouquets of populism as he seeks to dupe a national audience.