The turning point in the game: Saints safety Malcolm Jenkins takes the ball away from the Cowboys Roy Williams to alter the outcome of the game.

“Cowbabies” referring to the reaction of some of the fans and writers, not the players.

I just got through reading some of the pieces and posts on the Cowboys website lamenting their loss–understandably greater than a disappointing loss, more like a cruel or gut-wrenching loss, given the irony that the very play that would have sealed their fate to win the game turned against them.

I understand all of their regret and bitter disappointment, and I give the Cowboys team enormous credit for the game they played, the way they handled the adversity of the first half.  But what I find hard to take is some of the commentary that was published after the game–One piece on the Cowboys website characterized the Saints as “escaping” with a victory, the insinuation that New Orleans somehow didn’t deserve to win, or that they “stole” a victory the Cowboys earned.

C’mon, Cowbabies.  Give us a break.  As longsuffering Saints fans for years, we saw our teams “snatch defeat from the jaws of victory” gazoodles of times.  In fact, we know a lot more about losing games like the one last night than the Cowboys know, for sure.

But the honest fact in all those years when our Saints blew fourth quarter leads or gave up back-breaking plays just before getting on the plane to head back home with their heads both bowed and bloodied in defeat was that we just weren’t good.  As a matter of fact, in those days, our boys were a pretty bad team.  That’s why better teams came back on us, that’s why we blew leads, that’s why we couldn’t  finish games strong enough to win, that’s why we didn’t deserve to win.

Last night, the team that blew the lead because they didn’t finish was the Cowboys.  That’s no disrespect to their effort, nor to their character or the talent level on their team: But in the end, New Orleans made  key plays at the crunch time and, guess what?  The Saints are 8-3, the Cowboys are 3-8, and the standings have nothing more or less to same about the details of the game than those records.

So please, to the press corp of the Dallas Cowboys, give us a break.  Better yet, acknowledge that our guys didn’t “sneak away” from Dallas with a win hidden in the folds of their trench coats–They got on a jet amid the camaraderie and good-feelings of teammates who had come to Dallas and done what had to be done to leave 8-3 as opposed to 7-4.