Football is good this time of year.  Tonight’s Monday night football coup in New England provides a good time to blog about New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan, an un-favorite (of mine) who has always come across to me as an obnoxious blowhard.  So he was in these days preceding his team’s ignominous, embarrassing loss at the hands of the Patriots, 45-3.  I couldn’t be happier at the outcome!

While most coaches in the NFL speak with deference toward their competition, Ryan typically gloats about his Jets.  He was particularly obnoxious earlier today in his pre-game remarks about the Patriots.  His statements amounted to haughty bravado.

So now that the Patriots kicked his team’s behind, I wonder how he feels?  I wonder what he’ll say to cover the noisy innuendo of his pre-game rhetoric?

On this day  we remember MNF’s legendary Don Meredith, who used to comically warble Willie Nelson’s lyrics, “Turn out the lights.”  The lights went out early this evening for the Jets.  Couldn’t have happened to a more deserving jerk than Rex Ryan.

Monday Night Football's Don Meredith: "The Party's Over," he would sing.