Sadie pauses to survey the distance.

This is the best time of year for taking Sadie the Dog to the wide open spaces on the outskirts of town right off campus not far from home.  The cold weather earlier in the week has driven the snakes into hiding, the muddy ground is firm enough to keep my shoes relatively dry, and all that’s left in the  field after harvest is rice stubble.

As soon as we cross the levee to enter the field, her gait visibly escalates to a high gear–She bounds about, cutting frisky circles and figure eights, her nose pressed to the ground sniffing for mice, crawfish, and varmint scents.

For a dog confined most of the time to a 65 X 40 subdivision back yard, these outings are good for Sadie.  Thankfully, she’s the kind of dog I can let off the leash without worrying that she’ll bolt or wander off.  She’s very good about following my lead, and she takes full advantage of the occasion to be the instinctive creature that she is.

Checking out the varmint scent.