I heard the news today on WWL radio that 92 year old trail-blazing TV meteorologist Nash Roberts passed away.  Part of my childhood will be buried with the

An image of the Nash I recall from childhood

legendary Nash.

In the late 50’s/early 60’s, long before the Weather Channel created weather-as-entertainment, Nash Roberts did the nightly weather on WDSU TV in New Orleans.  I think my Daddy esteemed Nash more than he did President Kennedy in those days, deferring to Nash’s informed forecast in planning the workload from day to day.

In that era before computer graphics and satellite overlays, Nash “drew” the weather on an erasable map with a felt-tipped marker.  As youngsters, we’d play “weatherman,” emulating Nash,  drawing the familiar weather symbols for cold front or warm front or stationary front with crayons on sheets of paper.

Nash will historically be remembered for (1) pioneering local television meteorology and (2) his sagacious acumen for tracking hurricanes.  He is particularly renowned for uncanny accuracy in predicting the paths of Betsy and Camille, often at odds with the Hurricane Center’s predictions.  He really knew what he was doing.

So farewell to Nash Roberts: May winds of peace prevail upon his memory.