The portable marquis invites patrons in to buy beer, wine, liquor, and propane.

Collagan’s Grocery rests alongside the Prairie Ronde Highway in rural St. Landry Parish, Louisiana, between the prairie villages of Lawtell and Plaisance.  I passed Collagan’s today on the way to a meeting at a rural high school.  The portable marquis at the roadside beckoning patrons to come in and buy their wares intrigued me: beer, wine, liquor, and propane.

Hmmmmm. . .  Perhaps  the proprietor reasons that the word “Groc,” obviously an abbreviation for grocery, assumes that patrons inherently expect to find milk, bread, egg, and other grocery staples, so the proprietor wants the patrons to know that he  also carries other commodities that folks in the region may want or need: beer, wine, liquor, and propane.

Wanted or needed in that very order? Who knows?  Market research into the wants and needs of the Prairie Ronde neighborhood could provide a reasonable explanation, and maybe that’s a project for a future post.

At any rate, it’s apparent that whether one wishes to get smashed, bashed, trashed, lit, hit, gassed, hot, or light-headed, Collagan’s Grocery peddles just the wares.

Only in the fabled land of Acadiana!