The weather channel graphic plots us smack in the middle of the pink: A rare occurrence along the Gulf!

Anticipation of weather events is exhiliarating.  Like hurricanes, for example.  But waiting for a powerful hurricane to arrive is unduly stressful.  Stress mingled with exhiliaration?  Our nerves can’t handle such.

But how about an ice storm?  Those are rare in these parts.  We can live with a little ice, assuming the severity and intensity stays within the bounds of moderation.  Exhiliaration over ice anticipation is totally manageable and stress-free.  Even if the power goes out for a while,  the fire place and the generator make life bearable, as long as the situation doesn’t drag on for more than a few hours.

So as exhiliaration sets in,  we wait to see what the clouds will shed tomorrow. 

Contemplating the possibility of a winter wonderland, here’s to the prospect of a weather day or two off!  We’ll see what happens.