Papaw is obviously delighted with the attention of the latter generation of Pulling girls, even if he couldn't recall their names.

In spite of the return to the “routine” at home and work since Daddy’s passing, I continue to find myself overcome with periodic feelings of emptiness as I realize he’s gone.  Not that I want him here in the condition he was: Those final months, even the final years, were unpleasant, as we prayed for his release.  And we’re eternally grateful that he’s finally delivered.

But nonetheless, in idle and random moments, I reflect and remember.  This evening, scrolling through the photos on the iPad, I came across my family’s last visit to the nursing home right after Christmas.  That day must have been one of his final “happy times” as he responded with obvious joy to the attention of grandchildren and great-grandchild.  He probably didn’t understand exactly who they were, but he sensed they were special to him.

This evening, looking through those pictures of him smiling in delight with his various loved ones on that occasion, I was particularly pleased with the one here, with his granddaughter and his granddaughter-in-law: Daddy was always partial to his girls, and even in these latter days when who knows what sense he made of who Autumn and Ann were.  Somehow he realized these girls were special, and his delight is apparent.