I drafted this piece on the flight home from San Francisco Sunday afternoon after working for two and a half days reviewing Site minigrant applications for the National Writing Project’s special focus networks.  My thoughts were inspired by the collegiality of 100 or so bright and creative teachers and NWP site leaders from around the country who invested their weekend in selfless, meaningful work.

The NWP Reviewer’s Creed

By David Pulling (February 2011) 

We are drafters and crafters, readers and writers, planners and thinkers, converging at times to judge, consider, bless, and encourage the work of peers given for review.

We received marching orders in the opening session at the Berkeley City Club in Berkeley, California, last Friday morning.

We are stewards of brainstorms, the taxpayers’ dollar, teamwork and collaboration, and time on task.

We are creative, incisive, judicious, and fair, but mostly earnest believers in the work of teachers and learners.

We are colleagues, diverse as the nation that nurtures us, but unified in humanity, civility, love for life, and utter friendship.

So at the end of hard days together we part, jetting off in countless directions of home, happy soon to embrace loved ones who kept home home while we served the public good, but happy too that we did well, that we made a difference, that the craft of teaching and learning is better because we gathered, that some school child or teacher somewhere we don’t know, someone we’ll never meet, may be touched, awed—-even saved—-by plans and ideas that touched our hands, our minds, and our hearts in this season of work.