The girl of my dreams: And she married me!! (and has remained so lo these many years!)

When I taught Shakespeare as a high school teacher years ago, I dabbled in the Elizabethan form.  Here’s a sonnet to wife Sarah from that era  . . .

“To All the Girls I Never Loved Before”

November 1994

Yet still ablaze, passion’s glowing ember,

Diminished not by rude, mid-life season,

Oft prompts recall, fair dames remembered,

Who loved me never, whate’er their reason.

In misty, vaporous scenes imagined,

Behold their damsel smiles and lusty lips!

And yet more, my troubled ‘membrance chagrined,

Those sassy flashes of lithe, narrow hips!

But still can these alluring charms compare

To that young maiden claimed with nuptial oath?

Her midnight eyes and girlish figure rare

Still teach my manly pow’rs to counsel truth!

So to ye cold flames from dark yesteryear,

You’ll ne’er have chance to Sarah Ann compare!