This 2011 Toyota Tundra moved into the garage Saturday morning after successful negotiations at Courvelle Toyota in Opelousas, LA

I am a product of the Deep South.  As much as I resist, and in some cases resent, the red neck stereotypes and good ol’ boy labels, this culture forms many aspects of me.

So, in response to my old pickup growing ten years old and showing signs of frailty, I bought a new truck this weekend.

Not that I need a truck all that much.  I mainly drive .8 miles from home to work, .8 miles from work to home.   Hauling takes place every other month or two at the most.

But a southern guy just doesn’t drive a sedan–that’s not cool, that’s not “southern masculine.”

Sarah observed quite accurately this evening that I seem to be more pleased with this truck than the previous ones (This is my fourth pickup).  The extra pleasure derives, no doubt, from the extra size of the Tundra double cab: More room for granddaughter Payton “Elizabuff” and friends!