The Little Rock Channel 7 weatherman conjured up a pleasant forecast for the trip and sojourn to Little Rock.

After a two day Mardi Gras week’s beginning, today’s hump day turns out to be the only day in the office routine, since I’m bound for Little Rock tomorrow morning to spend the rest of the week at the National Writing Project’ Rural Sites Network’s biannual Conference.

I could get used to one day work-weeks.

Writing Project matters frequently lead to exotic places, like last month’s work/meeting in Berkeley, so Little Rock in neighboring Arkansas is a little more homey. The venue is close enough I can avoid the skyway hassle of airports and parking and connections, and the weather looks good for enjoying the six and a half hour drive both going and returning, mostly passing through small towns and open places in the hospitable south.

All the same, it’s tough leaving Sarah Ann alone along with the comfy routines of home.  Hopefully, the days will pass fast, and I’ll also find some blogworthy topic along the trip or during the conference to add idea-fodder to the mill of invention.