Because of technology, product packaging has changed dramatically in my lifetime.

For example, I remember when soft drink cans were tin, and we opened them by puncturing the top with a triangular-shaped, sharp-pointed can opener that my kids cannot conceive.    Potato chip bags were made of porous wax paper that bled greasy stains on the outer skin after a few days.  Milk, as well as bottled soft drinks, came in recyclable glass containers.  Myriads of other products have gone from paper or cardboard packaging to slick applications of plastic or cellophane.

And because of our abject consumerism and its bent for the convenience of non-biodegradable polymers, we cry out for the environment.

How simple and biodegrabable? Unaltered in all my days!

So, as a role model for  environmental virute, I submit to you the toilet paper roll, unaltered in form or substance throughout the course  of my lifetime.  What better model of simplicity, functionality, and practicality?  And its cardboard is utterly biodegradable!

To digress some (and pleasantly so),the paper that’s rolled on the cardboard cylinder hasn’t changed much, either.  I remember family philosopher Uncle Jack’s commentary on toilet paper from back in the day.  Loosely paraphrased, it went like this: “So they print  it in pastel colors with pretty little flowered patterns, and even infuse it with sweet scents: Even so, what are you going to do with it?”

No need to answer the rhetorical question.  Uncle Jack’s point was obviously,  “What’s the point?”

But anyway, I won’t go any further.

In sum, the cardboard toilet paper roll is a “roll” model!