Bubble bubble, toil and trouble: Payton's backyard brew.

When Payton “Elizabuff” began mingling dust with bird bath water Thursday afternoon, she wasn’t making mud pies, like typical American kids.

As she added scoopful of dirt to scoopful of dirt in the bath and stirred the roux-colored concoction, she declared her endeavor: “Look, Papa, I’m making gumbo.”

Yep, this kid’s a Cajun girl, pas d’erreur (no doubt about it).

It obviously wasn’t edible gumbo, judging by Marley the Dog’s disinterest in the background.  Were Payton stirring sure-nuff gumbo seething with chicken and sausage, Marley would have been in the foreground, showing considerably greater interest in the culinary operation than in the elusive lizard that undoubtedly has his attention riveted along the side of the house.

In case ye readers wonder, we didn’t eat Payton’s bird bath gumbo.  We went to Subway for supper instead.  And, in consideration of the birds who use the bird bath, after the child’s play, we replaced Payton’s gumbo with regular water.

Yay, the joys of grandparenting!