A St. Landry Parish deputy patrols the backwater around Krotz Springs. (Photo from KATC's website.)

The news again today, so far, is unsensational.  The situation seems to be unfolding about as uneventfully as a catastrophic flood event could unfold.  If such is the reward for sound engineering, wise planning, and ample warning, we are blessed to be so smart :=).

What struck me in today’s news and reports?

  • Contrast Baton Rouge Mayor Kip Holden’s grim warning “We’re not out of the woods yet” statement in a TV interview this morning to New Orleans Mayor Landrieu’s bubbling assurance in his remarks recorded in yesterday’s post.  Are these mayors 70 miles apart talking about the same River?
  • We’ll have to leave a few minutes earlier to get to Baton Rouge Friday because the speed’s been reduced to 45 mph along a 10 or 15 mile stretch

    Slow down for bears, gators, ferral hogs, coyote, deer, etc! (Photo from KATC website)

    of the Basin Spillway to minimize the risk of collision with wild critters seeking refuge on the elevated roadway.

  • Mandatory evacuations were made official today for Butte La Rose and other St. Martin Parish Basin areas: more displaced home and camp owners facing ruin.
  • The State Insurance Commissioner estimates that only 15% of the people at risk of losing homes and property in the Basin have flood insurance. 

Today’s closing thought: Why would anyone live in the mother of all flood planes , much less without flood insurance?  Cajuns’ sturdy self-reliance is well-documented, but do we stretch the  trait too far?

On tomorrow Day 4, I’ll post some more . . .