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Each day this week,  flood news and coverage take more and more of a back seat to other headlines.  The nation takes greater interest in the juicy escapades and promiscuous misadventures of Arnold Schwarzenegger and the French IMF dude, whose name eludes me for the moment.

Even locally, as the River holds its own and the advancing tide through the Morganza takes its sweet time moving southward, the radio talk buzzes about other issues with only brief update spots on the hourly news about the state of the flood.  So far, the flood has generated very little “news” in terms of anything dramatic, shocking, or exotic.  And that’s good: How adroitly and deftly we manage our natural disaster!

News today puts the leading edge of the Morganza water about 3 miles south of Highway 190 but not yet to Interstate 10, so when we travel east to Baton Rouge tomorrow, we should see water when we cross the 4-mile bridge (which usually crosses dry ground).  That crossing will be interesting–I’ve traversed that bridge coming and going since 1970, but this will be the first time I’ll see standing water below.

So there’s much anticipation, much excitement, but I catch myself when I get too carried away  posting about the flood: The real reason for excitement is a daughter’s achievement and the family celebration that begins tomorrow.  Sure, we’ll see the diverted floodwater rolling through the Spillway, we may see a deer or wild hog or other displaced critter seeking high ground along the roadway, and no doubt we’ll marvel to see for ourselves the breadth of the swollen Mississippi as we cross on Interstate 10 going into Baton Rouge, but we’re not going to see the flood: We’re going to graduation!

Geaux, LSU, and Geaux,  Ann Christian!