Relief in a bottle for a grievous affliction

I found my portfolio from the early 1990’s–handwritten or typed hard copies that have never been committed to digital or electronic formats: Folders full of unpublished masterpieces, long forgotten but now discovered!  I’ll be posting some of this material in days to come!  This piece isn’t dated, but I guess it comes from around 1991 or 92.


Rendered in Blank Verse, cerca 1991

O, what vile, pestilent congregation

Of vapours descendeth upon this place!

Curling the hairs of my nostrils, clouding

My senses with the stench of decadent

Flatulence, suspended as noxious fumes

Drifting languidly in the atmosphere.

What oppressive, stifling element is

This I breath?  Surely, my heart waxeth faint,

And I gasp for untainted sustenance

Ere I perish, choking on this foul blight!