On May 20, 1992, I wrote a poem about playing bat 'n ball with this little girl; On May 20, 2011, she graduated from LSU!

On May 20, 1992,  nineteen years ago when my daughter was a mere 3 years old, I composed this ditty as an exercise writing with my English III class at Lafayette High to imitate poetic style and structure.  This piece imitates the structure and theme of a poem by the same title penned by Richard LeGallienne.  I post it here in recognition of that same little girl’s graduation from college on May 20, 2011,  19  years later to the day.  Cute coincidence?  Or cute subject for a poem, in more ways than one?

I meant to do my work today—

Bricks to stack and a shovel to wield.

But a teddy-bear girl dressed to play

Invited me out to the sunny field.

She brandished a bat and a plastic ball.

A blond ponytail danced on her shoulders.

She’s her Papa’s baby-bear doll—

How could I ever refuse her?