Rouse’s Supermarkets have been around Louisiana for a couple of generations, beginning down the Bayou in Thibodeaux and expanding throughout southeast Louisiana and the Greater New Orleans area over the years.

My mom in Covington for years  would describe her local Rouse’s with the Louisiana specialty produce and seafood, and I felt envious. I wished we had a Rouse’s in Acadiana.

Several years ago, Rouse’s finally expanded with a new store in Youngsville in the far reaches of Lafayette Parish, and that was cool, but still awfully distant from Eunice.

But now we have our own truly Lafayette Rouse’s location, just opened in a renovated space that I remember years ago as a Market Basket supermarket, on the northwest side of town much more convenient to our commute from the northwest prairie.

With the four and a half day work week LSU Eunice has granted us this summer, Sarah and I decided that Friday afternoons this season would be reserved for grocery shopping at Rouse’s in search of  interesting ingredients for weekend fare.  Last week, we cooked stuffed catfish from Rouse’s; tonight, pan-blackened Redfish; next weekend, the plan’s already set for oyster po’boys.

After two Friday afternoon visits, I am confirmed that I really, really like Rouse’s.  The produce and seafood departments are particularly distinctive, specifically regional, and at least moderately exotic.   The regular grocery section is more than adequate, and the “grand opening” special prices afford significant savings.  The customer service is also exceptionally friendly, indicating Rouse’s has a first-class employee training program.

The corner of Bertrand and Congress

So I give Rouse’s newest location in Lafayette a big “thumbs up.”  Rouse has got it goin’ on!