Originally posted in 2007

After all those years, Wild Root is still around.  I wonder who uses it?A lingering sensory image from childhood growing up in the country during the late 50′s/early 60′s is the  fragrance of Wild Root hair dressing mingled with well-water, especially at Sunday night church.  Those dairy farmers would milk the cows before services, then bathe in the hard mineral well-water that left those rusty orange rings around the toilet and other plumbing fixtures, and finally slick their hair down with sweet-fragrant Wild Root hair dressing as they donned clean clothes before heading  over to the church house for Training Union and church.

I don’t know what resurrected that curiosity in me about Wild Root, but I was surprised that a key word search turned up links to buy the stuff online (that’s where the picture comes from).  I don’t think I’ll be ordering any Wild Root any time soon, but I was frankly surprised that the stuff is still around.  Here’s what the ad states at the order-online website:

Keeps hair in place, so it looks handsome and natural. Directions: Shake well before using. Active Ingredients: Deionized Water; Mineral Oil; Microcrystalline Waxed; Lanolin; Polyglyceryl-4-Oleate; Beeswax; Sodium Borate; Polysorbate 60; Fragrance; Formaldehyde; PEG-8; Propylene Glycol Cocoate.

That’s pretty interesting.  What really sticks out among the ingredients?


Yep, those old dairy farmers pickled their hair.   But it sure did smell good.