Last Friday, I was about to leave the doctor’s office at the conclusion of the annual wellness exam.  Results were all stellar:

EKG: No problem!

Triglycerides: Within range.

Weight: Ideal

Blood Pressure: 114/78 (Fine)

Cholesterol: Perfect

Ratio of HDL to LDL: Perfect

Doc was in the process of telling me what an excellent job I’d done and admonishing me to continue doing same and return in July 2012.  Absent-mindedly, I asked, “What about a stress test?”

“Hmmmm,” he replied, wondering, “You’ve never done a stress test?”

“Nope,” I replied.

He went through the five heart disease risk factors: no, no, no ,no, yes.  (The only “Yes” for heart disease in immediate family, poor Daddy.)

To make a long story short, he decided “Why not, let’s do a stress test” to appease that one risk factor.  So I went across the street for the test . . . and flunked!

That episode led to a nuclear stress test completed today, the results of which I’m waiting for tomorrow, but the long and short of it all is that family doc suspects the possibility of a blockage.

A blockage?  Me?  The poster child of middle-aged health, exercise, and diet consciousness?

I’m afraid so!

As for what’s next, I know not.  We’ll just have to wait for today’s results and go from there.  Meanwhile, I choose to accept the news as good news, not worrisome news.  What if I had not asked about a stress test?  What if Friday’s stress test gave misleading results?  What if I collapsed and died mowing the grass two weeks from now because no one knew I had a life-threatening condition?  What if, what if, what if?

Thank God “What if?” is a question He can answer.  I believe I’ll still be around two weeks from now . . . and considerably longer.  And so I’m thankful.