Life's too short without smart phones?

Last night after an all-day road trip to Bogalusa, panic set in: My iPhone low-battery alert icon sounded, so I plugged her in to recharge–Nothing.

The customary battery-charging icon didn’t pop up on the screen as the “low battery” indicator continued to glow.  I tried swapping the charger cords with no effect.  Even plugged into the iMac produced no reaction–iTunes didn’t recognize the dying device.

This morning, the scant life left in the iPhone faded into a darkened screen.  The IT department at work declared the phone hopelessly dead.

Now I’m waiting on the replacement, at least a couple of days hence.  I’m wondering how tomorrow will go, with me on the road in Alexandria all day without phone or text.

Is “phoneless” a blessing or a curse?  I shall find out soon!

Meanwhile, dear friends, text me not, nor call me.  Hopefully, life resumes on the after-morrow when the replacement phone arrives.