Open for business in downtown Rayne, LA

In the downtown square in Rayne, Louisiana, a small town in the heart of rural Acadia Parish, at the juncture of Main Street and the railroad tracks,  this respectable business stands as a proud relic of yesterday: the Worthmore 5 & 10.  I suppose stores like the contemporary Dollar Tree and Dollar General represent the contemporary genre spun by the original five and dimes, so it’s really intriguing to find one of the prototypes still standing and open for business.

I didn’t have time to go in–I wonder how much of the merchandise is truly “5 and 10.”  Nickels and dimes by themselves don’t buy very much any more.  Looking through the display windows from the street, though, the wares looked like the conventional stock of lower-scale department stores like Dollar Tree and Dollar General.

The building is a little run-down, the paint a little splotchy, and the sign a little rusty, but she’s open for business.  So Country Roads, Acadiana salutes the Worthmore 5 & 10, a small town throwback to former years.