Lee's moving out: Godspeed! (Graphic from NHC)

A few days ago I vainly posted a graphic showing Lee setting up shop down the road from my house.  By Saturday morning, turns out Lee had trumped the experts and indeed sat on our doorstep–No longer was I “four blocks away” from the Tropical Storm Warning: I was smack in the middle of the warning!

And so we spent Saturday and Sunday, in the “cone of certainty,” worried early on about the prospect of flooding rains or tornadic winds.

As events unfolded, the 5 or so inches of rain that fell in my back yard was a blessing, and the winds never approached destruction.

Lee wasn’t such a bad dude.

Best of all, we have the promise early next week of the first front of the pre-fall season, gratis to Lee, whose cyclonic winds will open the door for the first cold front of the season.

Badly needed rain, a fresh northerly breeze, and a promise to the end of the most brutal and dry summer on record: I’ll take Lee!