Honey and Payton pose on the field of glory where the race began.

We spent a Saturday morning with the kids at a cross-country meet a few weeks ago, and I understand we’ll have occasion to do the same this Saturday.

I have to confess that we’re not nearly so much cross country fans as we are Payton “Elizabuff” fans.  Sure, the race is nice and we wish our son’s Crowley High team much success, but as long as the granddaughter entertains us, or vice versa, who wins or loses the race doesn’t really matter as when we attended such events when our own children were competitors.

So grandparenting really is an easy, low-stress stage of life.  It may be regrettable, on one hand, that it immediately precedes old age, but in the end it’s refreshing on the other that we’re “old enough to know, yet young enough to go.”For the time being, at least.  🙂