The childhood site of happy family outings: Pontchartrain Beach, New Orleans

This picture is iconic New Orleans from the early 60’s.  I recall the jingle we heard on TV ads back in the early 60’s, inviting families to recreational outings at New Orleans’s premiere amusement park of the day, Pontchartrain Beach.

At the beach, at the beach, at the wonderful beach

You’ll have fun, you’ll have fun, every day of the week.

Laugh till you split sides, You’ll love the thrilling rides

At the beach, Pontchartrain Beach!

Daddy took the family every year, at least once.  I remember riding out West End Boulevard in the back of the family 57 Ford station wagon on those balmy summer days, finally arriving at “the Beach” where the imposing roller coaster ride, The Zephyr, towered above the parking lot as we drove in.  I got up the nerve to ride The Zephyr only once, and that was enough to satisfy my curiosity about roller coasters, a satisfaction that has lasted to the present.