A landmark in downtown Breaux Bridge, just past the Bayou crossing

I left the leave form on my assistant’s desk before lunch with a design set for an afternoon trip to Lafayette for recreational shopping.   Not quite halfway to town, Ann calls Mom with an invitation to spend the afternoon with her shopping in Baton Rouge.  For me at the time, on the spur of the moment, Baton Rouge seemed a road 40 miles too far.

We ended up striking a compromise–Ann would meet us about halfway at the Louisiana Avenue shopping center east of Lafayette, where we’d shop and then eat.

Where to eat?  I noticed a Subway at the shopping center when we arrived, which seemed sensible and healthy.  But some impulse deeper within rejected that idea.  I thought of the Cafe des Amis just down I-10 in picturesque downtown Breaux Bridge.  I had eaten there years ago at a professional meeting, and I knew the girls would like it.  So my proposal to drive down I-10 to the next exit for supper was met with enthusiasm by the girls.

Sarah and I both enjoyed the Barbeque Shrimp Pont Breaux, which I compared to the New Orleans style barbequed shrimp that I have known over the years.  Although the jumbo shrimp were a little tough to peel this evening, the taste was scrumptious.  I preferred the Pont Breaux Cajun sauce that accompanied the dish, in fact, to the New Orleans sauce I’ve eaten off and on over the years.  The dishes were similar, but the Cajun adjustment to the recipe, as usual, distinguishes the rural dish from its big city cousin.

After supper, Mom and daughter watch Bayou Teche's muddy current swirl along.

After supper, we walked down the block to take a look at the fabled Bayou Teche–the bayou of Longfellow’s Evangeline— that courses through Breax Bridge.

We watched the muddy current pirouette below in swirling eddies for a few moments before resuming our respective journeys home.

A rich time–and a rich meal–was had by all.  On va se retourner chez Cafe des Amis un autre jour!