After LSU squashed Arkansas this afternoon to set the stage for the SEC championship game next week against Georgia, I was intrigued at the preliminary observations of two or three CBS “expert” commentators who just watched LSU clobber Arkansas.  The yo-yo’s  warned ominously that Georgia is a team that can beat LSU next week.


I couldn’t believe my ears.  Not to disrespect Georgia, for they are a hot team, and admittedly, on any given day, a team that lets its guard down can underachieve.  What gave me pause, though, was the  eagnerness these pundits showed for the suggestion that LSU would be in trouble against Georgia.

What game did these idiots just get through wathching?  For that matter, what team’s season did these idiots just get through watching?

Don’t get me wrong–as an LSU fan, I RESPECT Georgia.  LSU should not approach this game lightly–Anything can happen in the SEC championship game!

But gollee, look at the facts.  LSU’s opponents this year have a combined record of 76-56.  Eight of LSU’s opponents were Top 25 ranked when the Tigers played them, and LSU whipped all but Alabama by double-digits.

The opponents Georgia defeated this year have a combined record of 45-55.  Only one of their victims was ranked.  (Of Georgia’s two losses, both were at the hands of ranked teams with combined records of 18-3).

If the records don’t lie, seems to me that Georgia, the team prone to lose to ranked teams, should be quaking in their boots at the prospect of being in over their heads next weekend.