I listen to sports talk a lot in this football frenzied season.  After LSU took care of business against Arkansas Friday afternoon to seal their date for the SEC championship game, I heard some Alabama fans calling in to my favorite WWL radio (New Orleans) to talk.  I couldn’t believe some of the sniffling soreness that some of them expressed, still unable to accept the fact that they went down in that game.  I heard comments to the effect . . .

“Alabama outplayed LSU up and down the field.  If we wouldn’t have missed those field goals . . . ”

What’s the key word there?


Yep, and it didn’t happen, and the fact is that Bama lost on THEIR home field.  LOST.  Like, a record of 11-1 as opposed to LSU’s record of 12-0.  C’mon, Tide fans, embrace the fact that you LOST!

And I certainly write not to boast that the narrow overtime victory in Tuscaloosa proves LSU is  assuredly the superior team.  I really believe that these are two teams that could line up for ten consecutive weeks and  end up 5 and 5.  They’re both in a class by themselves, above the rest of the country for sure.  I don’t believe either has the right to get too cocky about winning or losing against the other.

Will Miles outcoach Saban again?

But here’s the bottom line: For the time being, the Tigers hold the bragging rights.  If that changes down the road,(and there’s another big IF), so be it; and if Bama comes out on top in a rematch, I will be disappointed but not devastated, and I won’t hesitate to congratulate them, happy that if somebody other than my Tigers had to win, at least we keep it in the (SEC) family.

So please grow up, you Bama fans who feel like the better team lost.  The score is what the score is.  The only thing that will change the fact that you LOST is the score time we play.

And for the record, in case any wonder, I’m betting on LSU.  Geaux, Tigers!  Again.