Papa's Lap Buddies

A few weeks ago, I was visited in my rocker by not one but two spoiled brats–Payton “Elizabuff” and Marley the dog.  I believe Payton was the first one to climb up, but Marley is never outdone.  He came by wagging his tail, looking winsomely at us in a manner of saying, “I want to get up there, too.”  So, as usual, Marley got his way, and the photo tells all.

Actually,  I could make a case that three spoiled brats have climbed into Papa’s lap in that photo since the viewer observes Payton clutching one of her stuffed animal furry-friends.   I can’t see the face well enough to be sure, but what parts of the countenance I can make out resemble Snoopy the Dog.  So the dogs outnumber the little girl.  She is just as happy, nonetheless.