Less than a hundred yards to the finish line! Go, Ann!

Daughter Ann helps me feel my age.  She ran her first marathon Sunday in New Orleans at the Rock ‘n Roll New Orleans event, and all I could do was watch.

Watching was a little frustrating for me, a runner who never ran a marathon and one who likely never will since the older I get, the more decrepit grow my feet from runners’ ailments that seem to have grown acute from those years of pounding pavement.

Oh, well, alas and alack, at least I can enjoy the finish line vicariously from my kid’s triumph.  Yesterday was her first complete marathon, and I hardly doubt her last since she seems addicted to the regimen now.  What happy addiction!

So my advice to her, and other youths in waiting, like the poet Herrick admonished youth a few centuries ago in merry England, “Gather ye rosebuds while ye may.”  Yay, the day cometh when thou shalt gather no more!

Post race accolades: The family celebrates--the daughter's victory is her parents'!