My family's home in the 1960's-70's

When I found this early 20th century photo at a Facebook page devoted to nostalgic memories of my home town of Covington, I immediately recognized this home as the family place we moved into at 303 West 21st Avenue in Covington in the 1960’s.  Daddy paid $10,000 for the house at the time we moved in and sold it for $60,000 about 20 years later after re-zoning had given the property some commercial potential.   I remember how proud he was of the profit his investment had returned! Today, no telling how much the house would sell for, but for sure a lot more than $60,000.This photo is captivating to me–I remember Daddy saying the house was built in the early 1900’s, and this pic is definitely from that era, judging by the style of ladies’ attire.  I seem to remember, also, that the place had a history as a boarding establishment–This picture confirms that part of the house’s history, too.

My bedroom was the front room–the two windows on the left gave me a main street view of the Highway 190 thru-route.  I remember the 18 wheelers grinding through the gears in the night before the by-pass around the outskirts took the traffic out of the heart of town.  On a summer’s night with those windows flung open to catch whatever whisper of a breeze came along, those trucks sounded like they were going through the front yard rather than passing on the highway.

Those are also the windows I used to sneak out of during the night to meet my buddies at the drive-in hangout down the street after I was supposed to be asleep in bed.  I realized one day that Daddy had figured out my scheme when I found the window nailed shut.  He never said a word to me, and I wasn’t about to ask questions!  So much for Friday late night galavants.

Memories, what memories!