Daddy was always proud of our Spanish heritage, traced from where hImagee was raised in Delacroix Island down in St. Bernard Parish all the way back to  Old World Espana, from where his mom’s Belmonte ancestors hailed, and among that clan, a famous bullfighter (Juan Tomas Belmonte, Hemingway’s contemporary and sidekick, who is related to us, or we to him, whatever).

This photo was shot several years ago at one of the annual Isleno Festival gatherings at Delacroix Island, a celebration that takes place every year around this season.  I now have the “Louisiana Isleno” cap Daddy was wearing in this photo, in fact, and one small regret I have after his passing is that I didn’t make one of these festivals with him.  He went regularly in the years before his health failed him so, and he was always proud to re-connect to that part of our blood line.

Yo gusto mucho los Islenos, mi familias!

(Forgive me if my Spanish grammar and spelling wants a little.)