Oyster Tacos: Is this a Mexican dish?

Only in Lafayette, Louisiana?

I don’t know if Coyote Blues is a national chain or not.  All I know is when I visited the Mexican restaurant in Lafayette Tuesday night for my granddaughter’s birthday, I was hungry.

So I studied the menu at length, not particularly excited at the conventional TexMex options I saw: quesadillas, fajitas, enchiladas, and so on.  I wasn’t really excited about anything I saw.

Until I spotted “oyster tacos.”

To date, I never heard of any taco other than chicken, ground beef, or fish, so this was a revelation.  A fan of oyster po’ boys, I decided this was my lot, so I ordered up 3 of them.

The result was gratifying.  I don’t believe I’ll trade my partiality for  traditional New Orleans French bread for the soft taco wrap at Coyote Blues, but the oysters were big and they were fried well.  The Mexican dressing that attended the oysters was unique, as were the sliced jalopenos in lieu of Tabasco, so at the end of the day, I was filled and happy.

But still, I am convinced: Po’ boys rule!