Rev. L. C. Smith preached the gospel in Cajun French.

In Louisiana Cajun culture, the predominant religious heritage is Roman Catholic.  But before assuming all Cajuns are Catholic, like Coach Corso admonishes during college football season, “Not so fast, my friend!”

Behold in the photo here Reverend Lucien C. Smith (in suit), great-great uncle of my wife.  Rev. Smith was a pioneer French-speaking Baptist preacher a couple of generations ago when evangelical Protestantism took root on the Prairie Cajun culture.  Nonc L. C., as the family refers to him to this day, remains honored with a Louisiana Baptist missions offering named for him.

I never met Nonc L. C.–he was deceased long before my time in Acadiana.  But I’m grateful for his legacy, because otherwise, I never would have met my Cajun girl Sarah Ann at the Baptist Student Union at LSU Eunice on a star-crossed day in 1976.  Le restant, c’est l’histoire.

Que le bon dieu benisse le memoir de Nonc L. C. Smith!