Observing a Biology II class this afternoon at Opelousas High School, I noted on the board a definition of “food chain”: “A series of organisms eaten and being eaten to obtain food and energy.”

I never thought of myself as part of the food chain, but as I ponder the inevitability, I realize that to be an organism is to eat and to be eaten.  The alternative to the former is pretty grim, just as the alternative to the latter is inevitable, whether I’m devoured by a wild Grizzly Bear in the wiles of Wyoming or by  patient worms and microbes in Louisiana that will feast on my remains if I successfully avoid the wild animals who would dine on my bones.

So what?

How about some humility?  Like the words of an old gospel song proclaim, “This world [of being eaten] is not my home!”

The natural order is God’s order, so let the food chain (and me)  be!