When I was in college, most of my professors went to graduate school in the era of the fifties and sixties when Freudian psychoanalysis was practically a fad.  Of course they would never have agreed that Freudianism was a fad, because the Freudian principles of analysis were accepted as gospel and applied across disciplines outside of psychology to explain just about everything: for instance, characters’ motives or authorial intent were psychoanalyzed in Freudian terms in literature, Freudian explanations of historical figures’ behavior was popular , and so on and so forth.  That generation believed Freud explained everything.  225px-sigmund_freud_life-1

But it turns out it was kind of a fad, because by the time I went to graduate school in the early 1990’s, nobody talked about Freud (pictured to the right, photo courtesy of Wikipedia).  By this time, the Freudian fad had been supplanted by fashionable scholarly preoccupations with feminism and…

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